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Employees are often unaware of their legal obligations within the business set up, leading to a dangerous tendency to assume that legal compliance and enforcement is only a lawyer’s domain. The truth however is starkly different.

It is growing increasingly common for the organizations to be held accountable for the wrong-doings or negligence of their employees. This accountability can take the form of prison sentence, and/or fines that exceed into millions of dollars (in particular where applied across jurisdictions), and crucially in the form of damage to a company’s reputation.

International organizations are now bound under laws such as the US FCPA and the UK Bribery Act 2010 to ensure that their associates, directors, employees and business partners are receiving regular compliance trainings. Failure to do so not only exposes a company to risk but also incriminates it for not taking the required measures to educate its people.

To this end we aim to provide customized legal training and development sessions for lay persons. By offering such training to employees, companies will be able to reduce their legal liability, develop an ethical culture, and a reputation of trust when it comes to regulatory authorities, potential investors and customers.

Due to their extensive in-house experience in providing internal trainings to corporations and development agencies, our partners are effective in communicating with audiences ranging from directors to factory-floor workers. We are equipped to help you develop policies and education material in addition to tailor-made sessions according to your organizations’ needs.

Training Modules and Policies Currently Available:

 Vendor Scanning Due Diligence
 Good Corporate Governance
 Anti-Corruption & Whistle Blowing
 Embracing Diversity
 Professional Behavioral Training
 Understanding Intellectual Property & Confidentiality
 Competition Law
 Code of Business Conduct
 Contracts: Negotiation, Risks, Authorizations & Enforcement

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