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Setting up a new business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Entrepreneurs are being driven by their idea and the last thing they want is to be held back by lengthy legal paperwork, bureaucratic red tape and archaic legal protocols. Its our job to take care of all that so their energies can be dedicated to nurturing their passion projects.

We will provide you a list of options carefully tailored for your business model. We will draw up your paperwork, provide full support in fulfilling the requirements and offer an an end to end solution.

Many startup ideas are so novel that often there is no legal framework to address to them, this doesn’t mean there can’t be any repercussions in the future. Our objective is to understand your product/service, preempt the kind of risks it entails and guide you on how to move forward whilst securing yourself against potential legal pitfalls.

We provide support needed for setting up of companies in different jurisdictions, advising on the tax benefits of each. Further we look to assist our clients in sourcing of funding and securing investors and ensuring the terms of such arrangements are to their best interest.

For us this isn’t just about work, but about contributing towards new ideas which improve the ways in which we work, live and play.

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