The Firm can offer advice and representation to clients on a variety of Fee Structures depending on the clients needs, the task at hand and the expected duration of the relationship.

Task Billing:

Litigation, M&As, Transactions and Opinions can be billed on a lump-sum basis at the initiation of each task.

Panel Agreements:

Clients may also choose to enter into a Panel Agreement whereby the Firm will be treated as the external legal counsel of preference by the client, and the Firm shall offer the client pre-agreed rates for potential tasks and/or an agreed hourly rate. Under such an arrangement the Firm offers the clients reduced rates compared to those offered on for individual tasks. Panel agreements suit clients with legal needs anticipated from time to time.

Retainership Agreements:

Clients requiring regular legal support on day to day matters also opt for a Retainership Agreement whereby the Firm receives a fixed monthly fee for a maximum number of hours per month at the most cost effective rates available. Additional Hours are billed per hour on the same rate. Retainership Agreements are for a minimum of 6 months. Retainership Agreement hours do not cover litigation, however pre-agreed and discounted fees for litigation can be agreed in the document.

Travel expenses, filing costs and court fees associated with cases shall be charged at actuals in addition to the Firm’s professional fees. These include but are not limited to, any disbursements to third parties made on a client’s behalf, travel-related expenses, computer-assisted research, transcription, overnight delivery and messenger services.

Free Consulting

We encourage people to seek professional legal advice in doing anything that may have some legal consequences in any jurisdiction. Please email your query to us and we can respond to you shortly with free preliminary advice on how to move forward. You may also email to set-up a free first consulting session with one of our associates.

Initial consultation shall be without any obligation on the part of either partyand will not create any attorney-client relationship per se.