Mr Khan has over 9 years of litigation experience. He is a law graduate from
University of Hull – United Kingdom and has worked for three years for office of Additional Attorney General for Pakistan.
He renders transactional, advisory, and contentious legal services in a wide array of diversified and specialized areas of law, inter alia, Constitutional, Oil and Gas, Civil, Corporate and Regulatory Compliance, Criminal,  Employment, and Family, etc. Mr Khan has extensive experience with drafting and review of legal documentation.

Mr Khan has served as Consultant Legal to the Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) over viewing the legal work of head office Islamabad and regional offices spread all across Pakistan. He is also rendered legal services to Embassies and Diplomats in Pakistan for work encompassing consular and diplomatic privileges and state immunities.  He has also provided his legal services to Gilgit Baltistan Council comprising constitutional issues between the Federal Government and Government of GB and inter GB Government issues.